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Begin Your Journey to a Healthier, Happier You. 

And get into the best shape of your life.





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Don't Settle
When It Comes to Your Health

It’s time to start loving your body.

And being proud of what it can do.


Knowing where to start your fitness journey can be challenging. 

Let me show you the way.

Custom fitness programs designed to help you succeed.

Navigate your Transformation with Confidence 

How It Works

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I’ve been training with Emily for about 5 months now. I used to hate exercising and she has made me love it!! I love how she tailors exercises to my fitness level, but also gives me that extra push to be the best I can be. I’ve noticed that I’m getting stronger and my muscles are becoming more defined in just 5 months. If you’re looking to change your health habits, I highly recommend Emily!


Two-year anniversary with Emily as my trainer. My how I have changed! Not just in health, balance, and strength...but having her sweet soul in my life. 


Emily is a delight to work with!  She helped me with so many things from recipes, reading labels correctly, cleaning out my cupboard of the “so called” healthy foods,  planning, preparing meals, to being by my side through the whole transition.  I love the education and devotion she puts into her clients. Sincerely the BEST!


Emily is extremely easy to work with! She knows her stuff and helps you go at your pace to discover a healthier lifestyle (whether that's baby steps or a giant leap!).


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