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Staying active throughout all stages of life is vitally important for long term health. Our bodies crave movement! Living a sedentary life causes harm not only to our health, but our happiness as well. 

I grew up playing sports in school and fell in love with lifting weights about 10 years ago. I decided to follow my passion for fitness by obtaining my NASM Personal Training Certificate and have been training clients since 2020.


If you have a fitness goal in mind; whether that be to lose weight, tone up, improve your cardiovascular health, or just move more, contact me to see if my services are a good fit for you. I offer fitness training at your home (if you live within the Indianapolis area), outdoor parks during the summer and virtually. 


In-Person Training

If you live within the Indianapolis area, in-person training is an option. Whether you wish to workout at your home or a nearby outdoor location, I am here to help. After an initial consultation, a customized training program will be created just for you.


Virtual Training

No matter your location, training with me is possible via virtual training. Initial consultation and assessment will take place before beginning your customized training program.