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20 Day Fitness Challenge

Why wait until the New Year to start working towards your fitness goals?

Rather than waiting until the 1st of the year to begin a fitness routine, I invite you to join my 20 Day Fitness Challenge that begins on December 1, 2020. It's common for those with a goal of getting healthy to wait until the holidays are over in order to not feel restricted and guilty for indulging during the holidays. If you are serious about transforming your health though, there's no sense in delaying taking the time to better yourself, which is why I created this comprehensive 20 fitness challenge set to begin in December.

For those who join the challenge, I will be sending a video link via email each morning with the workout for the day. All workouts are less than 12 minutes and are designed for beginner to intermediate level individuals. I know life can get busy (especially with the holidays right around the corner) which is why I designed each workout to be quick yet still effective. Since all workouts will be posted to YouTube, workouts can easily be revisited down the road.

Below is an outline of what to expect during this challenge.

  1. 5 Min Core

  2. 10 Min Full Body Circuit

  3. 5 Min Stretch

  4. REST

  5. Lower Body Circuit

  6. 5 Min Balance

  7. Upper Body Circuit

  8. Choose Your Activity

  9. 5 Min Core + Cardio

  10. REST

  11. Full Body Circuit

  12. 7 Min Balance

  13. 7 Min Cardio

  14. REST

  15. 5 Min Stretch

  16. 7 Min Booty

  17. Choose Your Activity

  18. 10 Min Abs

  19. REST

  20. Full Body Circuit

Interested in making the 20 Day Fitness Challenge commitment? Click here to register today.

Make sure to tag @MeatlessMealsLLC (Facebook) and @meatless_meals_ (Instagram) with your progress!



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