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6 Stability Ball Core Exercises

Have an old stability ball tucked away in your basement collecting dust? Time to put it to use while building a solid core foundation.

Stability balls are a great exercise piece of equipment that can be used to target muscles throughout your entire body. Today, I will be focusing on 6 different exercises that work on strengthening your core while building overall stability. Check out the videos below for a closer look at how to perform each exercise.

Enjoy the burn!


Tips: Keep you abdominal muscles contracted throughout the entire crunch. It is also important not to strain your neck while performing this exercise. Keep your neck relaxed, rather than tucking your chin. Inhale then crunch up on the exhale.

Level: Beginner

Toe Touch Planks

Tips: Maintain a stable core throughout entire motion by flexing your stomach muscles and not letting your lower back sink. Elbows and shoulders should be in alignment and eyes looking straight down on the mat. Slowly lift one leg off the ball, while stabilizing your body with the other leg before touching the mat and returning to your original position.

Level: Advanced

Knee Tucks

Tips: Engage your core throughout the entire motion and focus on not letting your lower back sink. Elbows and shoulders should be in alignment and eyes looking straight down on the mat. Use your core muscles to bring your legs in, while maintain balance using your upper body. Inhale, then exhale when you tuck your legs in.

Level: Beginner

Pike Ups

Tips: Begin in a solid plank with shins pressed against the ability ball. Hold your core tight, making sure elbows and shoulders are in alignment and eyes are looking straight down. Use your lower abs to draw your hips upward until hips are in line with hands. Inhale, then exhale when you bring your hips up. With control, lower yourself to the starting position.

Level: Advance

Pass Throughs

Tips: Begin fully extended lying on your back with the stability ball between hands overhead. In a single motion, brace your core and lift your arms and legs to transfer the ball between your feet. Make sure core muscles are engaged throughout entire motion and that your back is pressed to the mat. Inhale while lying flat, exhale while bringing the ball up to transfer.

Level: Intermediate

Circle Planks

Tips: Start in a knee plank with forearms pressed against the stability ball. Slowly and with control, draw circles with your elbows. Make sure to maintain a contracted and stable core throughout entire motion. Arms draw circles while the lower body remains still.

Level: Intermediate

Focus on breathing and maintaining good form throughout each exercise and most importantly...have fun!

Interested in more workouts? Check out my YouTube channel to access more!


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